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Jimothy’s tools: What is GrooveFunnels?

Groove Funnels is a complete suite of applications that covers many needs, such as sales funnel, websites, courses, e-commerce, landing pages, CRM/email autoresponder, and many …

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Jimothy’s Sales And Marketing Introduction Series: What Is A Sales Funnel?

What better way to begin talking about marketing and sales than to begin with understanding what online marketing, and sales of any kind, means and …

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Jimothy’s Adventure Episode 3 – June, July, August

It’s been a while, but I needed time to prepare for what’s coming, and I’ve been completely absorbed in what I was doing. I’ve finally …

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Jimothy’s Adventure – Episode 2 – May 2020

Another month passed by, and as the world is spinning into various directions, I am attempting to keep this up on a monthly basis, to …

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Jimothy’s Adventure – Episode 1 – April 2020

I haven’t written anything here in over a month. It has been a busy month however, and unfortunately also a tragic month for the whole …

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