Jimothy’s Adventure – Episode 1 – April 2020


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I haven’t written anything here in over a month. It has been a busy month however, and unfortunately also a tragic month for the whole world, as the pandemic keeps on spreading and being very challenging to deal with.

I have been very lucky not to be directly exposed to it yet, and I am grateful for that. I do not want to waste this luck by wasting away on my couch, so I had one of the busiest months in my life, trying to improve, learn new things and build things. So while there hasn’t been much change on the outside, things have moved a lot and will be moving much faster.

Alas, welcome to..

The First Episode of Jimothy’s Adventure

My adventure is related to making money online, learning how to do that and explaining what I go through, what my thoughts are along the way and hopefully be helpful to the plenty of people going through the same process I do.

This is going to be a LONG one.

I have launched 8 projects of various types, gone through several “courses” and proper courses, some shady, some pointless, some brimming with knowledge.

I have tested most of what I could and my ideas about things have shifted quite a lot. There are a lot of bad pools to hang around, it has been as much a learning experience in where to thread as it was in the skills I have acquired.

My aim for this month was to:

  • Prepare the ground for some authority projects in which I share my knowledge, experience or, like Jimothy here, my adventure towards a goal and what I learn along the way. They’re going to be my pillars eventually, as things grow.
  • Understand multiple different ways to make money online and try them out, along with trying out and learning paid advertisement on different networks as well as organic growth and work on SEO.
  • Prepare solid grounds for the future
  • Get out of my comfort zone to try useful and important things I never really stepped up to do before

Quest 0: Jimothy.me

I started this one in March, but then kind of got side-tracked by the various ideas I had and tested out. Project 0 is what encompasses everything I do, so here I am with my first post about this adventure. I am preparing content apt to the various things I am learning, so that there’s some in-depth detail about getting started for anyone 🙂 It takes some time!

Status: Active

Quest 1: Affiliate Marketing Funnel

This here is the first project I started and used to learn my way around Affiliate Marketing, Sales Funnels and Email Marketing. I chose a Clickbank product I deemed good enough to promote, prepared all the email and funnel content and had it run through Paid Advertisement.

I set up Email Marketing Software, Funnel software, tied it all together, etc.

I had good Lead conversions, which was very nice! however I did not have any sale conversion at all, so that was a bit of a bummer. Emails were still read though, and while I did not gain sales, I am hopeful there will be some people interested in what I choose in the future.

Some people say you’re as good as your list, and while I am certainly not good yet, I can see how important it is to grow an Email List.

I’d say results were a mixed bag, as Leads are very important even if there were no sales.

I decided to stop this project, as I did not want to push that product for the time being.

Status: Halted

Quest 2: Affiliate Marketing Funnel

Simultaneously to P1, I chose another niche and prepared a similar Affiliate Marketing Funnel, with Email Marketing and a product. I usually buy those products myself so that I can both check the product sold itself, see how upsells are delivered and how their own email marketing is. I do not want to promote something that’s just weird, bad or too spammy. As I said before, I do want to be trusted, in time.

As this was happening together with Q1 for quite a few days, as I was getting a lot of leads with both systems, I still wasn’t getting any sale and I got really doubtful as to whether there were technical issues or what I did was just not good enough.

Only to find out one day I woke up to a sale. That was AWESOME. For the first time I felt like what I was doing had a chance!

One important thing to remember is that while it’s normal to doubt oneself, you should aim to keep going at all times. Fixes to the system are important, but you should know what to fix.

This is when I realized that I was going through very different tools’ stats and it was kind of a mess to check everything and see what was working and what wasn’t.

So I looked for a tool to allow for a big vision of my projects, had a 3-day deep dive into Google Tag Manager and I was finally able to get some tracking and knowledge of what was working at a glance. That was a GREAT improvement!

It allowed me to easily see what was not working and where the blocks were, so I was able to intervene in a precise manner and make it better.

In the end I did stop promoting this product however. As I said I do try these products myself and I was getting hammered by emails I couldn’t really fathom, different programs, unrelated upsells, just like it’s something I wouldn’t want for myself, it’s also not something I’d want to promote to others.

Status: Paused

Quest 3: Affiliate Marketing Funnel

Another affiliate funnel? well, they’re a good way to easily get something ready so that I can try different advertisements and test things out. It also allows me to learn and fix things as they are not working, and learn what is working.

At any rate, this product seemed really cool at first glance, had tons of material available and so I kind of really wanted to make it work.

My initial plan was to have a quiz and also a lead magnet (more on those later, but basically, you deliver a free ebook to an interested visitor), but I quickly discovered my quiz was not really working at all, so I let that go.

The lead magnet was something I’d worked on myself as well and it is useful to that particular niche, and I can see it kinda is working, so it’s good.

This product itself has kind of a long buying phase however, and I feel like that is what is detrimental to the purchase, which is a real shame, because I bought it myself and I love it, so I kind of want to find a way to make it work as it feels like something I’d be really happy to be associated with.

I was able to make use of what I learned with Quest 2 to get some amazing tracking results, granular and insightful. Really happy about that. However since I am an affiliate and it is not my product, I cannot interact with what feels like could be the issue.

My current plan is to tweak it a bit and maybe try another way different way at it, see if it works with a few fixes. If it doesn’t, oh well!

I have still gained a lot of experience on setting up a fully tracked system from the ground up, with different ins and outs, got leads to nurture overtime, so there’s never really a bad result.

Status: Active

Quest 4: Affiliate Marketing Funnel

Remember Quest 1? Well! it was about promoting someone else’s course about “making money”, which is something I am trying to learn aswell, so it was basically promoting what I’m also learning, teached by someone else.

While that’s not an issue per se, it kind of felt weird to just send off somebody to someone else’s course like that. As I said, I’m in for the long haul and a cheap exchange with little value kind of makes me feel bad.

So I decided to find a course I knew was good (and that I also took), that had low priced entry barrier for its introduction so that most people could join, and I also created some good content to give to interested parties as well with it.

I ended up with two funnels towards the program, with one of the items being given away made by me personally, some sort of very global overview on the possibilities and paths one can go down to in order to earn money.

While it’s true I haven’t the experience to teach people in this area, I have gained some wins here and there, and I can at least point the way in what I know works and in getting systems up and running, with good technical tips and suggestions on software to use, as that is my background.

At any rate, I had some issues with some paid advertisement portal so I switched to another I’d never used before, went to sleep and.. voilà! Made my first sale for Q4!

While I wish it was that easy as things kept going, that was a good morale boost.

This other paid advertisement portal was however very different from what I was used to, so I spent a couple days working the basics and it’s still something I’m heavily working on, as it’s really what makes the difference between good conversion and bad. It’s also an awesome learning experience, so I am definitely taking this challenge head-on.

The program itself is good, so I can only try and make everything I can do better, and it’s something I can keep up and tweak over time.

Status: Active

Q5: Suggestion Affiliate Website

My aim here is to give suggestions to a particular niche, with affiliate links to an e-commerce selling products I talk about.

As with other things I do, I do not really aim to just auto-post or copy-paste stuff slightly changed, or write 800 words article that only list characteristics.

I do want to write good content that is helpful to the reader, and grow a community around this website (and all the other website projects I build). I strongly believe it is important to give good value in the long run, and I don’t really like shortcuts that hurt your value and your relationship with what you’re trying to build.

Content is coming along at a decent pace, and SEO is working its slow reach, but there are positive results already, with visits increasing, and soon it is something to scale up with social media marketing, something I’m planning for.

Status: Active

Q6: Suggestion Affiliate Website

Different niche, different aim, but same underlying objective: provide value to a niche I personally observe and am knowledgeable about.

There are affiliate programs related to the things I talk about, so I can talk about things I use and have in all honesty, give out tips and guides and there’s affiliate earning coming out of it, without me having to really say anything I don’t want to.

I like to build my opinions, talk about what I know and discuss it at length, just like in my other Quests, it has to be a product I can appreciate, even if I may not have a direct use for it. I do not feel comfortable promoting something I don’t really like.

This website is a bit behind Q5 as I started it over the past week, but it shows great promise, even if it’s so much younger than Q5 it already picks up visits.

Status: Active

Q7: Tips and Guides Website

This is not really as much as making money directly as it is to just write out about my research on topics, particularly on making websites, using WordPress, tips on plugins, server stacks and hosts.

I am not sure if there’s an affiliate angle, but even if there isn’t, I’ll talk about the way I do things, what I come up with when I research new plugins, areas and settings. It’s more about sharing the knowledge and provide good value with what I learn anyway, so I might as well write that down somewhere 🙂

I believe I’ll put some introductory courses about making websites, WordPress, important plugins and all that stuff, soon enough. It’s not an active project yet and before it is, I want to finish the groundwork on everything else, including this website.

I already have a lot of projects going on and I stack that with learning new things, I do not want to pile up too many things at once 😉

Status: Work In Progress

Educatin’ Jimothy

That’s it as far as my current Quests! As you can see I have a lot of things going, and I try to maintain an overall positive vibe and many different things going so I can learn in various areas, I have been getting some results and have made some considerations, but overall there is one big thing I want to discuss: I do NOT want to change into a soul-sucking empty well-worded machine. Let me elaborate on that.

I have during the past month completed many courses of various kind. Some of them had a very social component. While the courses themselves were often good, actually – really good, and provided very good insights and ideas, unfortunately the community around it sometimes felt.. weird.

I initially couldn’t point my finger to what was the issue, but I eventually fleshed it out – some people hover close to these course and spend their time providing recycled empty value that they’ve just received by others without doing anything with it, and just passing it down the next person, with self-helping neighboring communities that foster this kind of thought.

I am sure they end up making money, but I fail to see the value and improvement provided. It feels more like getting cash out of the new member and all the new members learn is how to get cash from other new or newer members.

Granted, some personalities were great and helpful, so it’s not all a bad vibe, but there’s definitely a lot of easy pickings and a lot of people going for them. I guess it’s just the other side of making money 🙂

Anyway! No hard feelings, I just promised to myself I wouldn’t do that, and thus I am treading my own path, trying to do things my way. I’ll surely end up making mistakes, more than people following a standard path would, but I am not a treaded path kinda guy 🙂

Courses I took were very important in understanding how online sales works, learning how one would structure offers, build an email list, handle Google Ads, other kind of paid advertising and so on.

I am in the process of organising such knowledge along with what I know already, and will lay it out over here in the upcoming weeks, as part of growing this website into something that can give tips and knowledge that I’ve learned, tried and tested personally.

If I grow, I will be sure to do what I can to help others grow as well 🙂

and if I don’t grow.. well, I have tried!

So far, things are growing!

Onto the next adventure now! New Quests, old Quests, let’s go!

P.S. Stay safe.

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