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Another month passed by, and as the world is spinning into various directions, I am attempting to keep this up on a monthly basis, to track my progress.

Jimothy’s Adventure: In May, We Change

I ended up last month reflecting on how there seems to be a wide circle of people preaching about business and making money in and by itself, about providing value when they do not really have anything to provide other than inflated and overestimated videos and words they themselves have not made use of, other than by re-selling them. Salesman of sales.

As May passed by, that reflection solidified into a very visible change of direction for Jimothy and my path as a whole. I realized the point is not just to learn and try new things, but rather than talking the value talk the same way a salesman does, it’s very important to provide value in measurable amounts and in ways that can be actually helpful, rather than focus on closing and getting sales.

It’s less pragmatic, if you will, but also more so in that it focuses on the process, not just the result. I am confident this can improve results as well in the long run, as well as changes the aim towards a business-centric view.

While my attempts at Affiliate Marketing via Funnels were mostly to try things out and have something ready to work with, they are not really how I want to grow a business and earn money.

I’ve thus moved away from promoting offers and instead have focused onto other venues which can provide something I can resonate with.

As a result, my education and course-taking moved onto different directions, as well as the quests changed a bit as I moved away from the previous approach.

The aim this month was to:

  • Improve established opportunities that have a mid and long-term goal
  • Study and test Paid Advertisement on both Google and Facebook
  • Prepare the groundwork for other venues to gain experience on
  • Keep on testing and finding out what can work and what’s not working for me

Let’s get started and see what changed!

Quest 0: Jimothy.me

This one is obviously still here, but with my priorities shifting, I am not really here to talk on how to make money for the sake of making money by going down the road of the internet salesman, as it’s not the point of this adventure. I am changing the content I write for Jimothy accordingly, to reflect on my shift on focus. I still do plan on writing things about the importance of sales funnels, email newsletters and so on as no matter how you look at things, they’re important, just like social media and advertisement. So that’s coming.

Status: Active

Quest 1: Affiliate Marketing Funnel

This one’s officially over, but I can gather my conclusions, takeaways and findings:

  • I built my first sales funnel, linked it to automated autoresponders, it all worked flawlessly.
  • I understood the importance of Videos and marketing video sales letters and sales letters
  • I ran my first FB Campaign and played with audiences and targeting
  • I gained leads

Status: Halted

Quest 2: Affiliate Marketing Funnel

This one’s officially over as well:

  • I got my first sale!
  • Badly managed email automation can get really stupidly spammy, even if it works for them (seriously, the email subjects became so bad overtime that it’s beyond insane, even if it works it just reflects poorly on the humans doing that kind of marketing)
  • A/B Funnel testing and simple but cool design gets incredible lead results
  • It’s extremely important to have efficient tracking to understand what’s working, what isn’t and where it’s not working

Status: Halted

Quest 3: Affiliate Marketing Funnel

Another one, and this one is also over:

  • A really long purchase sequence makes for a stupidly high amount of abandoned purchases
  • Good tracking makes things look amazing when it comes together

I stopped because I realized that was not really how I wanted to do things, half something I produce for something someone else is selling, it just feels like a weird way to work and you can never fix some things that aren’t working.

All of my pages and emails were working very well, with a lot of clicks going through, but the conversion rate was so bad and I had no input on that. That’s really not something I liked.

Status: Halted

My Funnel-Takeaways

What I got from building these funnels is that after a few attempts, I can now get extremely good results on lead magnet conversion, something around 60-70%+ depending on the funnel, as well link it to a very detailed and well tracked automated mailing list.

These are both crucial things to learn and understand, as funnels are extremely important for conveying a tailored experience. In my mind they shouldn’t be considered the solution to everything, but they are a powerful asset, and I have become confident enough with tracking, A/B testing and everything else.

My next step will be to sell something through funnels, in June/July that will be a focus.

Quest 4: Affiliate Marketing Funnel

This one is paused right now, but it’s where I started using Google Ads, an area I am now heavily focusing on learning and testing. I will probably turn it back on to test more Google Ads, when the time is right. I still do appreciate the program that’s being promoted and will also probably repurpose it here as a detailed post and review (actual review, not just repeating the description).

When something’s good, it’s well worth the time to get it out and talk it over, after all.

Status: Paused

Quest 5: Suggestion Affiliate Website

Work has progressed steadily here, and as it’s mostly a SEO and organic search focused website, results are slow, but there is a marked improvement over time and as we write more content we are seeing noticeable improvements.

Social networks will be June’s focus on getting material out, after that we will work on an automated newsletter, to round things up and have a solid website.

Things are looking up and it’s also a very good learning experience on SEO and organic search.

Status: Active

Quest 6: Suggestion Affiliate Website

Just like Q5, this one has also progressed, we’ve written quite a few articles and have finished the structure of the website. It’s a rather fun niche to write about, as it allows me to try many different tools, some of which are good, some are weird, and some are just unique.

I am not fast at pushing out content, but I am also not just yapping the same words in the descriptions, so while content won’t be in abundance, its quality and uniqueness is certainly a distinction. In time, that’s bound to be a positive factor.

SEO and organic reach is the name of the game here as well, and it’s progressing at a very fast pace as there is less structured competition.

Status: Active

Quest 7: Tips and Guides Website

This one is still paused as I haven’t had the time to let this out of the cage yet. Not sure I’ll have time anytime soon, but we will see!

Status: Next

Quest 8: Entertainment Website

I’ve had this website for many years and I have set it up with automatic evergreen content re-share on social networks, and that’s what it is. It’s a fun way for me to experiment and try things out. As I am getting more into using social networks for marketing, I have tested some things here, and it’s fun to have a platform I can use to try things and see what happens.

Status: Active

Quest 9: Dropshipping

This is the new big elephant out here! Spent the past few weeks working this out, as that’s how I am going to try and test things and sales, by selling something directly myself, without being an affiliate. There is much more work involved, but I can also make it my own work and have an active part in the sales process, which is something I need to work on.

As June is starting out, the setup and learning process is almost done, and it will soon be time to try out paid advertisement, that’s also a very big hype for me, as I finally have a chance to work with retargeting and all the other beauties of paid advertisement that I can’t just do if I am an affiliate.

This is also why I’ve shifted my focus into studying paid advertisement, as that’s the difference between conversions and just flushing money down the toilet.

Hopefully in July I will have good news here! Fingers crossed.

Status: Active

Educatin’ Jimothy

As my focus shifted, I have changed drastically what I am studying.

After all, you don’t really need 100 different voices talking about marketing funnels, upsells, one time offer, copywriting and all that. Once you know those things, you have to do them over and over and over, until you get good at it, there’s no big secret out there on how to proceed with that.

There is however an abundance of technicalities that’s very worth exploring, unless you want to hire somebody to do them for you. Otherwise you’re just tossing money away on paid advertisement that won’t work or will barely work.

And even so, yes, you can hire somebody, sure. But how will I know how good they are? Chances are I won’t, and especially if I am on a budget and don’t want to have a costly expert, I’ll probably get bad results in paid advertisements, regardless of whether I do it myself or hire on-a-budget.

So what’s the solution? I will learn all there is to learn, get my game up on par to the experts and use my own money to generate more money with paid advertising, by selling actual stuff.

So I’m putting my time, money and efforts on the line, as this is the one piece left that’s missing, having had quite good results with the rest.

The alternative would be to use my personal social profiles to connect with people to sell advice to (disguised as masterclass), as it seems to be the current trend. That’s.. not really my style, I’d rather learn how to get things done, do them and then tell interested people about it, in a very straightforward manner.

Alas, onto what I’ve worked and am currently working on:

  • Google Analytics Advanced usage
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Google Ads
  • Facebook/Instagram Ads

I’m both trying out live and also learning the various techniques and approaches, so I can easily adapt depending on the need. It’s quite a big undertaking as each of those categories are as wide as it gets, but it seems to be a very important field to either hire for, or learn, and I kind of like it.

This is my June’s bet: All-In (well, not quite, but it is a very big focus of mine) on learning how to do paid advertisement for both Google and Facebook, as well as to provide items for said paid advertisement to convert.

Onwards, and talk to you soon. Cheers!

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