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It’s been a while, but I needed time to prepare for what’s coming, and I’ve been completely absorbed in what I was doing. I’ve finally wrapped my head around many things that I can finally provide bird’s eye and then in-depth views of the various processes and tools required.

Obviously, before talking about something, I had to learn and practice, so while we can improve together, I can now give some sense of direction towards where we’re going. Starting this week, content, ideas and tools will be discussed here at Jimothy.

But before that, let’s talk about these last three months: it was so tiresome, but there were results here and there. Some things were right, some wrong, some take time, but it’s all part of learning, and as things do get better, it’s a tiresome path, but it’s great and fun as well.

Jimothy’s Adventure: Experience Makes It Work

After the abrupt change of direction happened in May, I spent most of the time continuing a few ongoing projects and new ones, had little time for anything else. A lot of time was spent on technical studies as well, to continue what was started in May. So three months was mostly useful to set the foundation of what’s to come and how I want to grow into this area of expertise.

Many Quests were not successful, some are long-term works so it just takes time but the direction is positive, some were not approached correctly.

Some, however, were successful and while not big enough to stand tall on their own, they show remarkable promise.

The point behind it all is that even unsuccessful quests can have valid teaching to impart, probably more than successful ones. It is important to learn from experience, to be able to understand why something didn’t work, why something else did and the reason behind it. Without that, it’s just luck.

Experience is also priceless. Each iteration of a similar subject had drastically better results, to the point where it went from unsuccessful to successful, without changing anything: often enough, for something to work, you just need to become good enough at it. Experience and practice is all that’s needed in those cases. Seems obvious, but it’s better to pin the idea so that we don’t panic when something doesn’t immediately work.

Let’s get started with our Quests recap!

Quqest 0: Jimothy

Q0 has been in hiatus for the past few months, as I had no time to update or even plan the kind of content I want to write, due to the fact that I was learning and practicing said content. I would rather take the necessary time to have enough knowledge to make valid points than to copy-paste the same content that’s all over the internet.

Jimothy.me is now back on track.

Status: Active

Quest 5: Suggestion Affiliate Website

As time goes on, we’ve added more and more content to the website, and we’ve polished it. We’ve started reaching out to Social Networks for growth and soon will improve our newsletter.

While there is no real monetization yet, the organic and SEO reach is consistently improving and Q5 is slowly becoming more and more used all around.

This was a long-term project and as long as the results improve over time, I see it as a positive Quest, worth working on.

Status: Active

Quest 6: Suggestion Affiliate Website

This one has slowly improved until August, when it experienced some sort of Boom and it’s become a very successful story.

Organic and SEO reach has improved a lot, bringing a consistent amount of views, the content has been appreciated and it has become profitable.

I also find it quite fun to prepare content for Q6 and I believe it can increase much more as well over time, as I focus more on what works and spend more time creating content.

Sales are sporadic still but consistent enough to be a great sight each and every time. It is such a joy to see something that’s starting to work!

Status: Active

Quest 7: Tips and Guides Website

I have recently started this one, but it is more like a trial run and will not be properly running for a while.

I would like to have the time to squeeze it in as I feel like there’s potential here as well, but we will see.

Status: Schrodinger’s cat

Quest 8: Entertainment Website

There is improvement here as the website has been getting more and more views, it is not marketing per se, but it is important to learn how to connect via Social Networks and with an audience. Still useful to test things out!

Status: Active

Quest 9: Dropshipping

It was the focus of June. Took hours to maintain and upkeep, it was a very useful learning experience. Unfortunately it hasn’t been profitable, but it was also not a big loss, as there were many sales and it served to learn many things in the meanwhile.

As of now it’s not properly active, though it is something I want to keep on improving, the time required to do so is not really there at the moment. Soon enough, hopefully!

Status: Schrodinger’s cat

Quest 10: Third-party projects and consulting

A new one! The initial Quests were useful to learn how to use Ads, how to find interesting ways to catch someone’s attention and provide solutions to problems. Results were not stellar, but they were incredibly useful to learn. That being said, what you sell is extremely important, just like how you sell it.

So, once I felt good enough about my results, I began collaborations with others to use what I can do to improve their sales process. It is incredibly useful for me to keep learning as I handle different realities, and it improves their results so they’re happy as well.

Since details pertain others’ projects and ideas, I can’t really disclose what I am doing, but it ranges from funnels to websites and e-commerce, at the moment I keep it very simple and also limit the amount of projects I am involved in, so that I can be focused in each. It’s going well so far!

Status: Active

Educatin’ Jimothy

It’s very important to keep up with things and keep on learning, so I try to devote as much time as possible on this. I am still very much learning about Paid Advertisement, both Google and Facebook Ads, so that is one of my focuses. Google Analytics, Tag Manager, web dev and SEO are also one heavy focus of mine.

While I do have marketing nuggets and I am working daily on them, I still have a long way to go on the technical side, so that’s where I am currently focusing. There are tons of resources available, and I unfortunately tend to stand too many avenues at once! but I am closing in on them and getting valuable knowledge, so I would say I am improving. I can also directly use the knowledge on live projects, that is worth a lot. In just a few months I have been able to create live campaigns to practice, that’s the best way to gain practical experience.

I wouldn’t say one ever stops learning, but I believe by the end of the year I’ll have a well-rounded set of skills that I can keep on improving, but with a very solid foundation.

That’s about it! Within the week I want to begin creating articles, going from the basics and then moving on the various parts that are key to any of the various forms marketing, along with the tools that make it easier.

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