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Groove Funnels is a complete suite of applications that covers many needs, such as sales funnel, websites, courses, e-commerce, landing pages, CRM/email autoresponder, and many others: it wants to cover with its applications all you need for all the stages of a sales funnel, throughout the sales process and the various awareness stages of the target audience and potential customer.

That’s quite ambitious! We usually juggle between many tools, all with monthly costs, and it easily becomes both time-consuming and terribly expensive in the long run.

We will go through each of its Apps, the general industry cost of its competitors and have a rough idea of where GrooveFunnels is at.

Do consider that GrooveFunnels is in Beta stage, and its apps are getting released one at a time, they get polished overtime and while development is progressing, not every part of the final picture has been released yet.

On the bright side, this means that right now is a great chance to jump in and try GrooveFunnels out, because it’s only going to get more expensive as the platform matures and takes its planned form.

Before jumping in, however, it’s only fair to do our due diligence. We took the time to explore what GrooveFunnels is, what it currently offers and what the roadmap is. We’ve also looked into the founder, his background and have checked the pace at which Groove apps have been released so far.

As with anything, nobody wants to jump in only to find themselves in a poor situation. If you’re interested in GrooveFunnels as well, read on to have a better idea about what it is and whether it’s something you’re interested in.

It’s also quite helpful that GrooveFunnels has a free tier, that while not offering everything, it is extremely generous. The big plan for GrooveFunnels includes all its app, so the free tier wouldn’t cut it, but it is surprisingly powerful and by itself could be a serious challenger to competitors within its niche.

So my suggestion is, at the end of this (quite long) read, to also just play with GrooveFunnels yourself, and see if you like that. If you just want to jump ahead and register for the free version to try it out, click here.

Who Is Making GrooveFunnels?

Before we check GrooveFunnels and its apps, it makes sense to understand who is making it all happen. Mike Filsaime is the creator of GrooveFunnels, but before that he has been involved in sales for a lifetime, running car dealerships first, and eventually online marketing, funnels, and he has been involved in the creation of some of the current juggernaut platforms:

  • EverWebinar: One of the best platforms for automated webinar marketing, it has been a success and has been operating for years now.
  • WebinarJam: Launched in 2014, it was one of the first webinar platforms and this one is still operating today.
  • Kartra: a platform that covers most parts of digital marketing, in that it allows to create membership websites, split testing, business management, sales funnels, analytics, video hosting, affiliate management, email marketing as well as more features. It has been operating for a few years and it is now one of GrooveFunnels competitors as well.

Mike Filsaime has the track record required for such an ambitious project. All these past projects have been successful (and still are, to my knowledge), and while they are just a part of what GrooveFunnels sets out to do, they show there’s somebody with a great amount of experience behind, both in creating software, and in marketing and sales.

He is also not alone. John Cornetta, Matt Serralta and Mattijs Naus. Each of them is an authority and well known, each with their area of expertise that compliments Mike Filsaime’s.

GrooveDigital has released many updates over the past months, all detailed in the website, through blog posts and the Facebook Group. They’ve been very involved and open about development, and very communicative at each step, without going through the aggressive marketing route, but with as much important information, or more.

I wanted to point that out, as that matters a lot to me, in trusting a company.

GrooveFunnels has So Many Apps!

Some of these Apps are in beta or have not been released yet. We will quickly check each one, their current status and the competitor’s cost. 

We will have in-depth articles for each of these apps too, to show their potential and what we think of them.

I will mention it here: a beauty about GrooveFunnels is that while you get all the ease of creating and handling software in an easy-to-use interface, behind the scenes there is a modern engine and code, meaning the end result will not be as bad code-wise, as it is with many other platforms that allow for this kind of quick creation.


GroovePages is a web page builder. Easy to describe, but it’s very easy to get lost in the many details.

You can use it to create a landing page, sales funnels and full-blown websites. You could easily have multiple pages, for the various sales funnel stages.

You can easily prepare and distribute your Lead Magnet via GroovePages and create pages for Lead Generation, as well as begin the Customer Journey of your website visitor and follow it through with the many GrooveFunnels apps.

Behind it there’s Vue.js and pages are published in HTML, so the page load is very quick, hosted on Amazon AWS for free. SEO can also be optimized for better Organic Search results.

Custom domains are available, even for free members! (3 I believe, for free members, unlimited for others).

Many templates are also available right now and many more are added constantly.

Social Proof widgets are integrated within GrooveFunnels, to improve Conversion Rate and Engagement.

Site visitors won’t suffer from slow loading on mobile or terribly looking websites, as the engine behind GrooveFunnels is modern and mobile-oriented, just like Google’s search engine ranking.

Jimothy's tools: What is GrooveFunnels? 1
GrooveFunnels New Site Creation

Competitors in this field: ClickFunnels ($97/$297 per month), WordPress (to a lesser extent, as the platform is currently not as flexible as WordPress, but certainly it is easier to use), Kartra ($99/$199/$299/$499/month).

GroovePages is LIVE.


Jimothy's tools: What is GrooveFunnels? 2
GrooveSell Dashboard

Complete Sales Platform for Digital Products only. You can create products, sell courses, coaching, e-books, etc. Can have Upsells, Downsells and Order Bumps.

It does not stop here, as there’s an affiliate program (GrooveAffiliate) you can add to anything you sell, so you can handle your affiliates and their sales, etc.

GrooveSell is also part of the free tier!

GrooveSell is LIVE.

Notable competitors here are ThriveCart ($599), SamCart ($49/$99/$199/month)


Part of the free tier as well, this compliments GrooveSell perfectly to add a very easy to use Affiliate Program to what you sell with GrooveSell.

GrooveAffiliate is LIVE


Jimothy's tools: What is GrooveFunnels? 3
GrooveKart Dashboard

GrooveKart is a full e-commerce platform where you can sell anything you want, with the support of retargeting, analytics, bumps, timers, social proofs and funnels. 

GrooveKart is only available to GrooveFunnels Platinum at the moment.

It is being worked on and while GrooveKart is LIVE, it will soon be possible to have multiple e-commerce shops and more powerful features.

Notable Competitors: Shopify ($29/$79/$299/month), BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Magento.


Jimothy's tools: What is GrooveFunnels? 4
GrooveVideo Add New Video

GrooveVideo is a direct competitor to Vimeo ($6/$16/$40/$70/month) or Wistia ($99/month): GrooveVideo is LIVE. It allows you to upload and host your videos, check statistics, do split tests and arrange video controls and thumbnail.

Videos can then be easily shared through Social Media platforms, making GrooveVideo easy to use for Social Media Marketing Strategies, as well as on your own GroovePages websites.

It is integrated with other tools, so you can have aggregated stats that tell you more than they would if they were on a separate tool.

GrooveVideo is available from the Silver Plan.


Membership platform that’s integrated with the rest of GrooveFunnels, so you could sell Courses to certain Memberships, etc. 

You can create your courses and content, with drip content to spread it over weeks or months, have free and paid memberships.

GrooveMember is available from the Silver Plan and is LIVE.

Notable Competitors include Kartra, Kajabi ($119/$159/$319/month), WordPress + LMS Plugins.


GrooveBlog plans to be a direct competitor to WordPress, with great SEO and integration with GrooveFunnels.

Your quality content, articles and ideas can always be close to your sales pipeline, this way, and your leads will be in your CRM. Marketing Strategy often requires great content, and that’s another piece of the puzzle.

GrooveBlog is NOT Live right now and is scheduled to be available within Q4 2020. Schedule shifts often, so we will know more in the coming weeks.

It will be available from the Gold Plan.


GrooveMail aims to be a replacement to autoresponders and CRMs, both of which are central to any marketing structure. Having them natively integrated to the rest of the platform makes certain automations not only possible, but also very easy to achieve.

You will be able to handle your whole Email List as well as use it with automations and email marketing campaigns, so that we can prepare different sequences and campaigns for both our potential customer and our paying customer. Depending on the funnel stages and awareness, we can have automations that segment our audience and contact, to allow our sales team to prepare different automations for different needs.

GrooveMail allows preparing and Embedding forms wherever you wish, so you can use any website or platform you wish for your Lead Generation, while at the same time getting your target audience’s contact information directly into GrooveMail’s CRM and Email List.

While I still have to check in practice, I am fairly certain the CRM automations can also take advantage of Call to Actions, to better segment your targe audience.

Notable competitors with GrooveMail are ActiveCampaign ($49/$129/$229/month, or $319/$479/month for GrooveMail’s contacts equivalent), GetResponse ($15/$49/$99/month normally, but with GrooveMail’s equivalent plan it would be $145/$179/$255/month) or many other Autoresponder/CRMs.

While we do not yet know the full extent of the capabilities, we know there’s going to be tagging, automations and email triggers, so we kind of know it’s a flexible CRM, and we can definitely count on Marketing Automation for our Marketing Funnel.

It has been slightly delayed and just came out on September 14th. I have taken a quick look and it looks good, although it is still clearly a work in progress and will improve overtime. That’s to be expected, but it does look promising.

GrooveMail is LIVE and available from the Silver Plan.


Taking from his past platforms, GrooveWebinar aims to provide both Live Webinar and Recorded webinar. 

It is not live yet and we will know more later on in October.

We do however know it will compete against Mike Falsaime’s old platforms as well as with Kajabi and other webinar platforms. Costs vary wildly depending on the other features available, however they go from $10-20/month for webinars only with limited features, to well over $100+/month.

GrooveWebinar will be available from the Platinum Plan.


GrooveDesk aims to be a support and helpdesk platform integrated with the other Groove Entities. With it you can support your customers with a powerful helpdesk with tickets, documentation as well as interact and engage via live-chat, making it useful even before the purchase.

While Helpdesk and support may not directly be part of the standard Sales Funnel, it’s important for the Sales Process as each happy customer can become a repetitive customer, as well as they can improve your standing and brand with word of mouth.

A great helpdesk platform is also involved via live-chat

GrooveDesk is not available yet, we will know more throughout October and will be available from the Gold Plan.

Notable competitors here are Zendesk ($89/$149/user/month), LiveAgent ($39/user/month), Intercom ($87/$153/month).


Emailing back and forth in order to find a suitable date for any kind of meeting is always annoying. Fortunately there are tools that allow us to book a meeting date according to our available times, making it easy and fast. That’s what GrooveCalendar sets out to do.

GrooveCalendar is not available yet, we will know more in October and it will be available from the Gold Plan.

Notable competitors here are Calendly ($8/$12/user/month).


An easy to use Survey system, where you can ask questions for any reason, whether it’s to understand your audience better or to provide a fun quiz, your choice! Integrated with the rest of the GrooveFunnels apps, every information is important.

GrooveSurvey is not available yet, we will know more in October and it will be available from the Platinum Plan.

A Notable Competitor would be Typeform ($25/$30/$70/month).


There’s more GrooveFunnels around:

Open API for developers

GrooveMarketplace to sell/buy templates and addons developed for GrooveFunnels

GrooveAcademy GrooveFunnels’ own training and videos

GroovePay: Helps you get merchant accounts, useful to avoid Stripe (Credit Card) or PayPal issues.

GrooveAds: Agency service to manage Facebook, Google Ads and YouTube ads for a percentage of the ads spent each month. They can also build your own funnels, sales copy and email sequences as well, for a price.

GrooveKon: Live Event, all about GrooveFunnels! Tickets are for sale.

GrooveFest: Free party at the Traffic and Conversion Summit in San Diego


Before we’re off the GrooveFunnels and onto other talk, I want to say that while all these different apps would make for one great platform, sometimes you still have something else. That’s when integrations are useful, and with many already available and more to come, GrooveFunnels’ roadmap takes care of integrations as much as it does with pushing out its own software. 

Analytics, Automation (Zapier), Email and CRM software, as well as webinar and many other platforms. Many are already available, many more are planned.

We do feel like this is being covered well enough, and we’re happy they don’t want a closed system. The fact that there’s an Open API is great as well.

That is a lot of Groove

As we can see, there are MANY apps. Not all are available yet, but the most important ones are already available and in beta, being updated regularly. GrooveFunnels is coming to life right now and it is quite exciting to see it all come together.

I have added competitors when I knew of any, and while it is perhaps not a complete comparison altogether, GrooveFunnels vs those many platforms makes for a daunting picture. 

Well, less daunting with GrooveFunnels, but before that, some or many of those services are used by any of us to create our websites, sales funnels, handle our marketing, surveys, membership websites, landing pages, etc.

The very monthly cost required to maintain all these tools is enough to require a certain degree of success in your endeavours, otherwise it gets very expensive, very quickly.

Just the various competitors I considered before, at their lowest cost, would cost you many hundreds of dollars per month. Granted, you might not require them all as you might not do all these things, but one of the reasons for not doing something is always the inherent cost behind it. 

Plus they’re all different platforms with some integration here and there. One cohesive platform that does it all is just not there, although some of the noted competitors do a lot.

The ultimate goal is so ambitious that it has never been done before, but there’s always a chance, and I have not seen something get this close so far, in the many years I’ve followed the various platforms.

While you may note a tad of my bias, it is not out of malice, but rather out of a positive vibe I get from seeing GrooveFunnels’ progress and the addition of new pieces constantly and consistently. 

I do believe in the project, hence why I am detailing it and going through it. So the question that is often asked is also quite obvious in my mind, as I delve deep into GrooveFunnels: 

Is GrooveFunnels worth it?

Do you like exciting new tech that aims to solve problems and make your life easier while allowing you to do more? 

If the answer is yes, then it’s worth it. If the answer is no, I’m a bit puzzled.

But perhaps it’s not that cut and clear right now.

How about the question:

Is GrooveFunnels worth it right now? When is it going to be worth it?

That is a much better question. We know the vision, we know where GrooveFunnels is going, but where is it right now?

There is much to be done still, while there is also much already available.

By getting in now, there are the full advantages of perks, deals and you get to grasp the software as it grows, so you can ride the wave and be part of it.

Granted, I’ve only recently started looking at GrooveFunnels, but the wave is quite gigantic. It only stands to reason that there are many advantages to be part of it as it grows, rather than come afterwards, in a few years, once monthly pricing is stable.

That being said, if you join now, do consider the software is a work in progress and while the objective and aim is grand, right now not everything is possible yet, and as many advantages there are in being part of GrooveFunnels’ growth, every growth requires time and patience, to see the full results of it.

That is to say: If you plan on getting into GrooveFunnels right now, immediately moving all your business in it, you might have a bumpy ride.

There are a few notable things missing still, such as multi-members. Right now there’s one member and one login, it’s a feature that’s coming, but it might take a bit, so as it is your Sales Team can’t all be in GrooveFunnels at once, yet.

Then again, if you get in now, start using it, get to know all that’s available and move parts of your business as the platform keeps on growing, you might just have a great time.

That is my current approach and why I am so excited. As I start to move pieces of my activities into GrooveFunnels, I am seeing more and more possibilities and as GrooveFunnels keeps on growing, I plan on growing alongside as well.

You might tell, but to me having multiple apps and then integrate them with one another or having useful data to mix together in different places is definitely a pain point. I love to integrate and have a flow within the tools I use, so that things work well together. What better way for things to work together, if they are together to begin with?

I still encourage playing with the free version of GrooveFunnels if you’re not too sure about it.

I know, we haven’t talked about prices yet. Next in line, let’s evaluate the current pricing.

GrooveFunnels pricing and tiers as of the 15th of September 2020

There are currently only two tiers available for GrooveFunnels: the free lifetime account and the platinum lifetime limited deal.

The Free plan is quite generous, we will get to that in a second, though:

A platform like GrooveFunnels doesn’t grow out of trees and hope. It costs millions of dollars to make, and even then it really is difficult. So, from what I’ve seen and understand, GrooveFunnels does have its pricing ready and in their minds, but they allow a great opportunity for those willing to be part of their beta. 

As the product is not finished and polished yet, they have extended a lifetime deal pricing: this means that by paying the Platinum lifetime deal and thus helping out with the cost of building the platform, GrooveFunnels will never ask you for money again for your Platinum Plan.

Let me say that again: While the free plan is great and I thoroughly encourage you to try it out, GrooveFunnels Platinum Plan is currently at a LIFETIME LIMITED deal. 

We just talked about how the upkeep of your whole marketing stack of tools is incredibly expensive, and here’s a chance to get all GrooveFunnels has released and is planning on releasing, at one price, with no renewals.

Yeah, I was kind of shocked when I read that too. The whole GrooveFunnels’ package, once released, is going to be worth easily hundreds or thousands of dollars per month. That’s not a figure of speech or exaggeration. If we compare each tool, we easily get to that amount, as we’ve seen already.

Just consider this table. While it’s something GrooveFunnels themselves use to compare, it’s what I myself would compare it to, so it’s perfectly legit.

Jimothy's tools: What is GrooveFunnels? 5
GrooveFunnels vs Competition

Shocking, right?

Alright, shock’s over, let’s get to this deal:

As it stands, on the 19th of September, it is out as low as $1397 if you pay right now, and there’s some additional choices that allow you to pay throughout the following months. 

You would spend a little bit more depending on the payment choice, but you get the lifetime platinum plan upgrade regardless of which option you go for

At some point, as GrooveFunnels becomes more fleshed out, the Platinum Plan for lifetime offer will not be available anymore, and the pricing will become monthly, to allow for maintaining and improving the platform for a sustainable long term.

The reasoning behind it is that right now GrooveFunnels is under heavy development and there are high costs involved, while the platform is not at its full potential yet. So by backing Groovefunnels now, the money is spent on development and in return the people that believe in the project enough to contribute to fund it, are given this extremely convenient lifetime Platinum Plan.

In turn, once GrooveFunnels is out of beta, there will be monthly costs for ongoing development, maintenance and infrastructure, so they plan to switch to a subscription-based pricing, in order to be sustainable for the long term.

That, to me, explains why right now it’s a great time to get in, while also knowing that by changing the price model to subscription, GrooveFunnels plans to be around in the long term.

Their pricing model will have a Free Tier, Silver at $99/month, Gold at $199/month and Platinum at $299/month.

Jimothy's tools: What is GrooveFunnels? 6
GrooveFunnels Price Model after Lifetime deals are over

That very same Platinum is the one that is available right now. As it turns out, it’s about 5 months’ worth of the whole Platinum Plan. While not every tool is out yet, the deal is clear: you get that for life.

Now, it’s pretty clear I like what I see, but you can also see why: I have been considering every part of GrooveFunnels so far, and it just looks good.

The Sweet GrooveFunnels Free Plan

GrooveFunnels FREE is no slouch. It can go toe-to-toe with many powerful competitors that have no free plans at all. Let’s recap what it gets you:

  • GroovePages Lite (3 websites, 3 custom domains, share 1 funnel, import 5 shared funnels, 15 pages import)
  • GrooveSell (unlimited products, customers, leads, affiliates, unlimited transactional emails, cart abandon emails, emails to affiliates)
  • GrooveAffiliate (unlimited)
  • GrooveVideo (15 videos)
  • GrooveMember (1 membership, 100 members)
  • GrooveMail (500 contacts, 5000 email sends, can’t import contacts)
  • GrooveKart (unlimited stores, 5.99% transaction fee with GrooveKart Payments, 3% with own processor)

As we can see, yes: it is definitely limited, but I can think of dozen of platforms whose limits are lower, while charging monthly fees. If that’s not a solid free plan, I don’t know what is.

Talkin’ GrooveFunnels Platinum Plan

That’s the star of this show, so that’s what we’re going to talk about, just a bit more in detail. As we can see from the different offerings, with GrooveFunnels Platinum we get all the apps they have released and plan on releasing.

Jimothy's tools: What is GrooveFunnels? 7
GrooveFunnel Platinum Lifetime vs Monthly

But that’s not just it, we also get double affiliate commissions, at 40%, plus 10% of Tier-2 Affiliates, meaning we also get much more out of GrooveFunnels itself if we like it and are involved in it.

Talking about Affiliates, GrooveFunnels is investing a lot in them, as affiliates love the platform and are making it known all over.

Let’s Recap: GrooveFunnels

GrooveFunnels aims to be THE platform you use to handle most of your sales process, from the website to the funnel to the marketing, affiliates and also the communication with your customers.

They offer a VERY generous Free Tier I encourage you to try out regardless.

The product is still under heavy development and in beta, so the vision is not complete. As a result, there is a lifetime deal pricing available, going from $1397 (varies a bit depending on the payment options).

For that price you get everything that’s part of the GrooveFunnels vision, as it comes together. We have seen that its eventual price will be $299/month for the same plan, and the various tools it currently competes with would easily stack in at the very least a good $500/month, if we were to pay for the various competitors for each GrooveEquivalent.

I am very happy about what I see in GrooveFunnels, both from a technical point of view and also from a marketing point of view, so I am in myself and have been using it for the past few weeks. I plan on expanding and preparing articles and videos on how I use it, as well as to explore the tool together.

I want to stress that no matter the use case, there is little to be discontent about and the value is not ficticious and made up. You do get the equivalent of hundreds of dollars worth per month, even as it is right now, with GrooveFunnels still in beta.

Hopefully you’ve found my information useful. Take a look at the free GrooveFunnels yourself, and see whether it’s something you’d like be more involved in. 

As with progress with the fundamentals on sales and marketing, I will also keep on exploring GrooveFunnels, so we can clearly see how we can use each part of GrooveFunnels in our sales funnel.

Jimothy and GrooveFunnels?

If you’ve made it here, you deserve a real treat. How about some Pizza?

Or while I can’t provide that right now, I’d be happy to surround myself with like-minded folks and journey together.

As such, if you do join via my link, I will be happy to let you in my Facebook Group, to talk marketing, martech, tech in general and help each other out. I also share whatever tidbits I can help with, and templates from time to time.

If you’re in for the Platinum GrooveFunnels ride just like me, and join through my link, drop me an email. 

I will help you prepare one funnel or template, or give you some ideas on how to proceed.

My objective is to also help each other out and create a group that’s able to reach impressive heights. That’s why it’s an adventure, after all.

My “Offer” is to take the adventure together, you can name the value yourself, I don’t need to stamp some numbers in it and then slash them. You know, it’s useful often enough, but sometimes it’s just silly, and its value is bound to go up as we all grow, get better and more experienced.

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