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No, there’s not a right and there is no left way, but there are subjective right and wrong ways to go about online marketing.

There’s a literal plethora of ways we could begin on our journey towards earning money via online marketing, and that is also one of the reasons this subject can be both easy and daunting at the same time.

I would say before we get to it, we need to understand two things: Our goal, and our path. We know our goal, but we’ll touch on that later.

Before we take our first step, we don’t need a specific execution plan, but we need to know what we want to do and how, at a high level.

I’ll start by saying that if one wants to get to the highest amount of money with little to no regard for what they’re promoting or how, then we will disagree and there are better places for that kind of information.

There are as many paths as we can imagine, of course, we’re just picking the one we feel comfortable with.

Successful Online Marketing Begins With the Product

I’ve always kind of disliked the way most marketing worked, as it just felt like a way to oversell products. And that is what happens a lot of the time, in a lot of places.

However, there are other ways to do things. There are excellent products worth promoting, and positive ways to promote them.

At the end of the day, the better the product you’re promoting is, regardless of its type, the more positive of a message you have a chance to deliver.

This means we need to take our time in informing ourselves and researching a product, if we do not have one of our own. If we have our own product, we obviously need to constantly work to keep it at the highest possible level we can.

It Continues With the Right Promoting

Now, don’t take me wrong. There is no such thing as objective right marketing.

There is, however, how we like to consider things ourselves.

I personally love how some companies deliver a positive message, are very helpful and supportive of their product and that is, to me, how they get me on board, once I decide they do have a valid product that answers to my needs. I really like that, even if it’s quite time consuming on their part.

I also love that if I look for information for a product or a guide, I find what I need with clear explanations without too many up-sells or pushy tactics. It delivers what I want, and as a consequence I don’t really mind getting the affiliate or up-sell, if I end up deciding it is a product I want.

This has nothing to do with Marketing Courses, Online Marketing or anything articulate and specific, this is just common sense. If we have something good to talk about and an interested audience we can talk to by providing something useful, we’re going to get results and provide a valuable service.

Nothing fancy, just common sense.

(P.S. That is not to say Courses and Specific information is irrelevant just because we have common sense. Those provide vital information and tools that allow us to achieve our goal.)

Towards Making Money Online

Good products give us a chance to convey positive value on top of it, which we can then promote by knowing the appropriate medium, techniques and using the tools best suited to whatever it is we are doing and reach out people that could be interested in our product, our message, our application, our * (* stands for anything!). That, in essence, is what is we are setting out to do.

Now, we have to be honest and ask ourselves: What is Our Goal?

In the end, we want to make money out of our efforts, right? So that is our aim, we should not feel guilty about it.

We’re always looking for innovation, learning new techniques, tools, we’re doing our best to select the right products and we make sure to provide value with what we do, so there is nothing wrong for all of this to have a monetary value we can earn.

Alright, we’re very good people looking to talk about things and earn money by providing something useful that other people value and appreciate. So.. what do we do?

Now that we understand with power comes great responsibility (Thanks, Uncle Ben) we begin by evaluating the very tools that allow us to reach out to people.

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