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We have talked about what we want to do and have a general idea of what’s going to happen: We will talk about products, explain and offer our insights as added value, we will leverage that to earn money.

That easy, uh?

More Details mean More Problems to Handle

If we dive a bit further, that means we are going to need a medium where interested people can read what we say, a way to focus the interest on our product and a way to interact with people with further follow-ups additions, ideas, etc.

Things do get very busy as we get down into details, but we do not have to know how to do everything, what we need is to understand all the various things we need. No one person can conquer the world by themselves, after all, it’s always about connecting with others too, it’s part of it.

Acting like it’s still 1990 won’t help us. The message and teaching is the same, but the tools have changed greatly, and as we explore them and the possibilities they offer, we also learn how to best act.

But remember, as we get into more detail, more “problems” arise, more things to take into account and consider. Our task is to understand each and every problem we face, and find a way to handle them.

We don’t have to understand programming, but we do know we need to build websites and/or landing pages. So if we don’t have that skillset, we find others that do. Same goes for design. We might not be designers ourselves, but we do know we need to produce certain graphics.

So while we don’t need the ultimate detail for everything, as we’re not supposed to, we need to understand all the things we need and all the problems have to be handled, in order for us to be able to be successful.

The Team You Weren’t Expecting

Tools allow us to do more in less time. The right tool for the right job is often the equivalent of having a really good team-mate helping you with a determined task.

I am going to cover the tools I personally use myself and progressively get more detailed as I write more about each of them, but for now we want to understand that in order to make the most of it, seeing as we’re in 2020 and all that, it’s imperative that we know what is out there and how to leverage it for our needs.

Again, there is no need for you to know how to do everything, but knowing the right tool for the task is certainly important!

By having a Stack of the Right Tools, we can make sure we have the infrastructure that allows you and your team (eventually, once you have one 😉 ) get the best results

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