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Who am I?

Hey, you may call me Jimothy.

I’m here on a path towards understanding digital and social media marketing and how to efficiently promote products and businesses.

I’ve been using, trying and working with tech and various items for years, but I never really took the time into properly understanding how to “get the word out” for anything, at all. I would be left with a good overlook on things, or a good product on my hand, but little knowledge on how to get others to appreciate it.

So, I decided I wanted to earn an income and learn how to promote and talk about the things I do and use.

There’s a lot of learning involved

Some of it being kind of obvious, too!

As such, the first rule I’ve been learning is that it is extremely important to be informative, because.. people like to be informed and read guides, as they are helpful.

Who knew, huh?

So! the lesson here is: being the good guy pays. We are good guys, and we like getting paydays, so, let’s combine both and go on a journey towards learning how to be effective at teaching, promoting useful tools and getting paid for it!

What is This Online Marketing Useful For?

Whether it’s E-Commerce products, which is always on the rise, Affiliate Marketing for someone else’s products we use and love, or even local businesses, there is always need to promote something, and it’s important to understand exactly the best ways to do it, adapt the method to one’s needs and be effective.

Welcome, and let's go! 1

Except we won’t really be improvising, as it all begins with learning! Learning the possibilities, learning how to do something we have in mind.

That’s it? No, after that you have to work hard, there’s no such thing as free money or successful get rich quick schemes, they’re what get you separated from what you already have for no gain whatsoever.

But there’s efficiently working and getting rewarded for what you do, which is our aim here.

We adapt to varying needs and changes, we overcome difficulties as we keep learning and working hard, and that is when, with patience, we will succeed!

There is no one-click-formula, there are tons of ways to do anything, so it’s all up to us!

So Are We Going to Make Money?

That is the goal, among other things, and I will share my works as “Case Studies”, I will share my path and hopefully it will have useful information for anyone reading as well.

I will also talk about the tools I use, the websites/apps/softwares that are helpful to my quest, in an honest manner. Subjective, as it’s my view on things, but straightforward.

Regardless of the presence of affiliate links, I don’t really look for something that’s not helpful.

There may be reasons not to use something that I also appreciate (cost too high, or perhaps I don’t currently have a use for), but generally if it’s something good enough to be talked about it’s something I use and in order to be informative, it stands to reason I should know how to use it, right?

Time’s up, let’s do this! I plan on explaining what I am doing to get started soon enough.

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